What’s a Carolina Yankee?

IMG_0316I was born just south of the Mason-Dixon line in Washington, DC and grew up in the nearby Maryland suburbs. Technically, I was born in the South, but I consider myself a Yankee through and through. I moved to South Carolina 20 years ago, and to this day am both baffled and charmed by Southern culture and people. The Washington metropolitan area will always be home, but while I’m here I might as well enjoy myself by sharing the things that capture my attention, whether they’re aggravating, amusing, or asinine.



5 thoughts on “What’s a Carolina Yankee?

  1. A jolly good read | Random AnnAcdotes

  2. Never ceases to amaze me the things you see on the roads of SC. People crawling in the left lane. Stopping in the middle of the road, and even attempting to eat a bowl of cereal while driving. No inspection laws, not helmets etc etc. You just have to love it and say bless your heart.

    • Hi, Rich. I think that type of craziness can be seen on most any of the roadways in America. But in South Carolina I see waaaay too many cars with handwritten corrugated cardboard signs taped to rear windows that read, “Tags Applied For.” What’s that all about. Or the number of cars with no tags and no sign letting us know an application is in process! I also see lots of cars held together with bungee cords or baling twine – no lie! I do agree, however that the lack of inspection laws is the most bewildering to me. If nothing else, it would be income for badly needed road repairs. Thanks for sharing!!


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