Columbia Will Be Shining Bright This Summer

And we get to wear our shades in the dark

I’m pretty excited about the fact that Columbia, S.C. is the prime viewing spot on the Solar eclipse South Carolina 2017East Coast for the August 21 solar eclipse.

I’m not a science geek or particularly interested in astronomy (actually, I’m lost when it comes to astronomy), so I’m not sure why I’m revved about two minutes and 36 seconds of daytime darkness. But I am, and so is the rest of the city.

2017 Solar EclipseAll sorts of eclipse-related events and festivals are planned for the week leading up to the big day. You can keep an eye on those here and here. For more scientific info on the eclipse, you can visit The Great American Eclipse.

If you’re in the area before or after the event, a new laser art display was installed and will be lighting up a portion of the Congaree River for the next decade. And that’s a pretty cool thing in our famously hot city.


Genteel comments and questions welcome!

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