This oughta be good

A Kiwi in peach country

My friend, Judy, is making her first trip to the South tomorrow. She lives in California kiwi_peachbut was born and raised in New Zealand. Even after living in the U.S. for over 30 years she retains her prim and proper British airs, but not without a sense of humour about it.

Judy’s clueless about Southern culture. She actually asked me if it’s acceptable to wear shorts. I reminded her that Jessica Simpson wore daisy dukes. The only thing I’ve found to be unacceptable down here is putting sugar or anything sweet on your grits. That’s lynch-worthy behavior.

This visit’s gonna be good for a few laughs.


4 thoughts on “This oughta be good

  1. Yes, I’ve never worn shorts and flip flops so much in my life as since we moved to Nags Head. Of course, we’re not only in the south, but at the beach!

    • Flip Flops are considered formal ware down south yall. Walmart is considered high end shopping and Waffle House is great for colon cleansing.

  2. And I remember having to wear “stockings” to work in NY!
    Came to Fla. and when I complained about it being so warm they could stay up
    by themselves was told by a native, “Hose? You’re wearing hose? Oh, my! We never do”

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