Carolina Proud

2016 College Football Playoff Championship

Clemson vs. Alabama

Today everyone in South Carolina is a Clemson TIger. Yes, even the Gamecocks are pulling for Clemson because South Carolinians pull together as one when it counts. This year we saw each other through the Emanuel AME Church shooting, two brutal police shootings of defenseless citizens, a catastrophic floodembarrassing behavior by presidential candidate Donald Trump and his followers, and Christmas week average temperatures of 80°. 

2015 wasn’t our best year.  Let’s start 2016 off right and roll right over that Crimson Tide!

Clemson Tigers


2 thoughts on “Carolina Proud

  1. That would a wonderful idea in a genteel world. But Alabama is an SEC team, Clemson is ACC. Since Carolina is an SEC school, many fans in SC will still cheer on the Crimson Tide. This is when we must be thankful both teams are from The South. Just another sign that “the south’ gonna do it again!”

    ~A Georgia Peach

    • Yes, but would a transplanted peach be so disappointed if the Tigers win? Southern pride means losing gracefully and giving a nod to the winner. The next day, of course, everyone goes back to their respective corners! On Jan 11, 2016 9:08 PM, “Carolina Yankee” wrote:


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