Hey, ho!

Ongoing violence against women

October is for women because it’s Breast Cancer Awareness and Domestic Violence October RibbonsAwareness month. I’ve been talking a lot recently about South Carolina’s horrendous culture of men killing women and the state-wide epidemic of domestic violence. But what I haven’t addressed is the verbal violence against women that pervades society in general, and was brought to light in lovely Florence, S.C. this week.

One of our our gubernatorial candidates has been accused of calling his rival a whore. This incident was, of course, caught on video, which you can watch for yourself below. I don’t buy it; it’s apparently a slip of the tongue.

What I take issue with is anyone using the word whore to describe a woman for whom they have no respect. The word itself has a place in our lexicon. We need a word we can use when discussing “a woman who engages in sexual acts for money :  prostitute; also :  a promiscuous or immoral woman (Merriam-Webster).” But I can’t figure out why we don’t have a word for men who exhibit the same behavior that we can use when talking about men for whom we have no respect. The word bitch falls into the same category. And please don’t try to tell me the word bastard fills that void. A bastard can be male or female.

Men, it’s time to grow up and treat women with respect – physically, verbally and emotionally. And you deserve the same from us.


One thought on “Hey, ho!

  1. “Fiorello” had it right when song went “Politics and poker, politics and poker… shuffle up the cards and find the joker…”

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