Opposed to running unoppsed

Jenny, this is all your fault!

I’m licking my chops, salivating, and rubbing my hands together in anticipation. My brother just sent me the link to Gail Collins’ September 17 article in the New York Times, “Sex is the Least of It.”  Yup, yet another op-ed about Mark Sanford. The journalistic equivalent of Häagen-Dazs ice cream. I’m posting this BEFORE I read the article because I’ll be too wound up when I’m done to do anything but sputter and spit. The Washington Post’s Kathleen Parker also wrote a piece on Sanford’s foibles yesterday.

Sanford Walking

Keep walking. And don’t come back!

I blame Jenny Sanford for our communal state of shame every time her ex opens his mouth. By not backing up his story about being on the Appalachian Trail  in 2009, she washed her hands of him, inflicting him and his trail of endless tears on us. I’m sure the only winner here is his Argentinian ex-soulmate, Maria Belen Chapur. All I have to say to her is, “De nada!”

Hey, all you South Carolina voters in District 1 – yeah, that’s you Charleston, Hilton Head, Summerville and points beyond – get with the program, please. Isn’t there anyone down you can find to represent you on Capitol Hill (and in the press) besides this dope? Is there a District 1 citizen reading this who will run? Please?


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