Adding polish to the pandemonium

Clear, pink, or black – everyone has an opinion

“What I Really Hate About South Carolina” caused a huge stir. One result was quite a few negative posts by people who didn’t like what they perceived to be my anti-South Carolina attitude. Nothing could be further from the truth.  Another result was the post being viewed by more than 10,000 people through reblogging, overwhelmedFacebook shares, Twitter, email, etc.

You can find my responses to the haters and criticizers (at least those of whom merited a response) where I don’t so much defend myself or my choice of words, but put the burden back on them to actually read what I wrote. That people didn’t even get the joke about the USC Gamecocks and mentioned shotguns and other violence to “put me in my place” was quite ridiculous and half the reason I closed the comments section of the post. The point of the post was to bring awareness to a pervasive, shameful problem in South Carolina, not bash the state, people, or culture in general.

I was contacted by many people, male and female, thanking me for writing what I did and encouraging me to continue writing about the topic. There were so many comments (overwhelmingly positive) that I just couldn’t keep up so I ended the conversations, except on Facebook. I’ll admit I took down a few individual comments because they were too nasty or ignorant to pollute my website. It’s my site and I’ll censor if and what I want.

One gal was very upset Nailpolishand decided she’d never visit my blog again. But when she realized I have a sizable audience she got back in touch with me wanting me to share this photo with my readers, which I’m happy to do. I have no idea of this product actually works, let alone exists, but if so, then it’s a terrific one. Think Christmas stocking stuffer for your daughters, nieces, and friends! The person who sent the picture knows who she is and I thank you.

Welcome new followers and thank you to those who passed the message along. It’s still getting hundreds of views a day a week after being published because of those who shared it with someone else.

And just for the record, I LOVE South Carolina. Just not everything about it.


Genteel comments and questions welcome!

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