Earth-shattering news in South Carolina

Earth_shatteringStuff that leaves us shaking our heads

We experienced an earthquake a few weeks ago here in South Carolina that registered 4.1 on the Richter scale. It made the national news. However, that’s nothing compared to recent rumblings and shake-ups in the state that have been felt all the way in Florida and Texas.

Columbia’s copout, cop in, copout (ad infinitum)

Columbia can boast having had the most police chiefs in one decade. We’ve had eight in eight years. Liz Taylor and Mickey Rooney were each married eight times (not to each other), but it took them decades to accomplish that feat.

I don’t have the time, energy, or desire to go into the details of each chief firing or resignation (or even remember them all). The schemes and scams in American Hustle  pale in comparison to the shenanigans preceding this week’s resignation. This video below gives a pretty good synopsis.

Revolving Door Full Screen 1


A nationwide search commenced a few weeks ago for a permanent replacement to head the department. What moron would even consider applying for a job with a revolving door for an office?  The apparent front runner is from West Virginia (insert snarky laughter here). All this is taking place in a county that boasts a super bad-ass sheriff who would fumigate the rat-infested Columbia Police Department in five minutes flat, but our city manager (who carries baggage of her own) won’t hear of it.

“It is the Mission of the Columbia Police Department to professionally protect and serve with virtue…”  (insert eye roll here)

Just vote no… to everything!

Just as entertaining is the corruption in our Richland County Elections and Voter Registration Office. The shady hiring and firing, allegations of fraud and general incompetence in that office have all but stripped Columbia voters of one of their fundamental rights.

As if things aren’t tragic enough

South Carolina’s civic leaders only make the local news. The citizens of South Carolina make national news. It’s heartbreaking to hear that a mom from Cross, S.C. tried to drown her children by driving her van into the ocean. And it’s embarrassing that a drunk from Orangeburg, S.C. plowed into a crowd at the SXSW festival in Austin, Texas.

Don’t be surprised if we learn that someone from South Carolina is responsible for that missing Malaysian aircraft.


2 thoughts on “Earth-shattering news in South Carolina

  1. Yes, but we Canadians will never blame any American locale for Mayor Rob Ford. We’re just truly sorry we can’t foist him off as anything but our own. We’re also secretly happy he’s the mayor of Toronto, a nice city which had gotten too uppity.

    • Yes, we Yanks (Southerners are included in that when speaking of Americans as a unit) love your mayor. He gives us a break from the idiotic behavior of our own public figures. Thanks for visiting and chiming in, eh?

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