Team Carolina!

South Carolina is going to the Olympics! Lauren Cholewinski is a native of lauren_cholewinski_York, S.C.  She’s the only athlete on the U.S. team representing our state. Her teammate Heather Richardson is from High Point, which is in the other Carolina.

Oddly enough, Lauren and Heather are speed skaters. Not that speed skating is odd. It’s just we don’t have a lot of ice or ice skaters in the South (though we do have roller skating, including roller derby). The one notable exception is the dinky rink the city of Columbia erected downtown two years ago. It’s only open between November and mid-January. The skaters there work up a pretty good sweat because, after all, it’s South Carolina!

skating rinkNotice all the people holding on to the rail in the picture to the left. That’s because only .05% of South Carolinians have ever even seen a pair of ice skates, let alone tried one on. I also don’t think ice skating is practical down here because skating among the discarded hot-boiled peanut shells would be difficult. In case you didn’t know, hot-boiled peanuts are mandatory munchies at every Southern sporting event.

The Carolina Yankee will be watching the speed skating races. Best of luck to Lauren, Heather and the rest of their teammates in chasing their dreams, and that they won’t be needing any tall glasses of sweet tea to keep them cool in Sochi.


Genteel comments and questions welcome!

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