My corny cravings

This is the time of year when certain television or magazine ads can make me feel nauseated. It’s the holiday season and that means green bean casserole is green beanseverywhere. I hate that stuff. And, just so you know, the ingredients in the Campbell’s Mushroom Soup negate any health benefits you’re supposed to derive from the beans.  I don’t like green beans, so please don’t send me alternative versions of this dish.

Thank goodness for my my Yankee friend Michelle, who came to my rescue. She gave me her sister Debbie’s recipe for corn casserole –  in three variations, no less! It includes cornbread, or what Michelle and I like corn casseroleto call “pone,” which automatically makes it a Southern dish.  It’s become a staple on the Carolina Yankee’s holiday dinner table (and at other times of the year).

I also make a yummy zucchini casserole that I serve in lieu of macaroni and cheese. My kids love it.

These and other recipes can be found on the Favorite Southern Recipes page. If you have a favorite holiday recipe that you want me to post on the blog, contact me here. Or you can post it yourself on the Carolina Yankee Facebook page! Hurry up because we’re hungry!


Genteel comments and questions welcome!

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