Should we pig out?

When out-of-toIBMwn guests visit me here in Columbia I usually take them on a driving tour of the most interesting sites around town. The Confederate flag that waves proudly in front of the State House, Blue Sky’s “Busted Plug,” the Nickelodeon theater, the Obama gas station, and the IBM punch-car100_0579d building are only some of the sites included on my tour.

I never, however, take my guests to Maurice’s Piggie Park for mustard-based BBQ. That’s because I don’t support racists, which Maurice Bessinger is. I had to quit sending bottles of his famous BBQ sauce to my friends up North for Christmas. Northerners have no idea such a thing as Mustard based BBQmustard-based BBQ exists. Actually, Northerners are pretty in the dark about BBQ in general.

However, I may just add Piggie Park to the tour. Seems Grampa Maurice has one smart cookie for a granddaughter. I’m not a fan of BBQ in general, but I have to support the fact that the public can now eat at Maurice’s with a clean conscious . You can read about the Kinder, Gentler Maurice’s Piggie Park for yourself.


10 thoughts on “Should we pig out?

  1. I think there’s no reason not to give a new generation a new chance. I wouldn’t want to be judged on my parents’ or grandparents’ actions alone, and people need to keep that in mind.

    One thing that blows my mind is the comments on the article in the State paper on this where all the hateful people came out and commented that they WOULD NOT eat there now that they are coming out as apolitical. wtf?? However, those folks can just stay in the far western reaches of Lexington county where they belong.

  2. I actually never cared for Maurice’s barbecue anyway. There’s a barbecue place up here in Greenville that has a Cheerwine sauce. Now that’ll make you slap yo momma… 🙂

  3. Tom’s Barbecue. It’s a little hole in the wall place in a shopping center right near the I-385/Woodruff Road interchange. You’ll have to go for lunch, though. They’re open Mon-Sat from 10:30am-3pm (maybe 4). The pork itself is excellent, but that Cheerwine sauce just makes it. Plus, Cheerwine soda in glass bottles!

    It’s the simple pleasures, ya know?

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