Hail, Columbia!

Occasionally, I come down pretty hard on South Carolina and the city of  Columbi-yeahColumbia in particular. In an effort to present a balanced perspective, today’s post is all about some of the terrific things there are to see and do here.

This summer I had the pleasure of taking a course that was tantamount to a walking tour of Columbia. Our small group visited various areas around town and spoke to people in the know about the culture and history of South Carolina’s capital city. My classmate Iman made a video highlighting the places we visited. This was Iman’s first attempt at putting together a film like this with no formal training – no easy feat. It also wasn’t easy doing a walking tour in Columbia’s 90 degree/98 percent humidity summer heat.

I’m going on the record here to say that there are some darn interesting aspects about Columbia, only some of which are highlighted in the film. Let me know if you learn something new, have questions, or are inclined to visit some of the places in the film. I’m sure Iman will be happy to escort you.


3 thoughts on “Hail, Columbia!

  1. Despite it’s weather nickname as “Armpit of the South,” I still miss Columbia sometimes. Perhaps it was because that’s where I went to college and those years brought about such a metamorphosis in my life, but I loved the downtown area. When I went to my 15-year college reunion in 2009, (Yes, that means my 20-year is a mere six months away. *sob*) a group of us went to the Vista, and I was floored. That wasn’t even around when I was at Columbia College.

    And kudos to you for braving Cola-town’s heat for a walking tour!

    • I moved to Columbia 20 years ago, and you’re correct that the Vista area is now something to behold. Main Street is coming along nicely, too – finally. Columbia has a long way to go before I would do any regular bragging on her. However, I try to remember that I’m looking at the city with the eyes of a Washingtonian, where there’s so much to see and do, much of it free. But it’s hot and humid up there, too, though only from June-August. Washington is the “Armpit of the Federal Government.” Thanks for commenting!

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