The New York Yankees take on Charleston

A  Southern-born friend who lives up North (does that make her a Pennsylvania belle?) recently expressed her concern that I might be stepping too hard on Southern toes in some of my posts. I FB Cover photopointed out to her that I strive to present a balanced perspective, though much of the positive commentary I post is on the Carolina Yankee Facebook page. Moreover, I’ve stated clearly that “I moved to South Carolina 20 years ago, and to this day am both baffled and charmed by Southern culture and people.” Nothing I post is meant to offend or mock.

The reason I bring this up is because another friend (also from Pennsylvania but living in the South) alerted me to the fact that Hoda and Kathie Lee – who are so infamously annoying they doDamn Yanbkeesn’t need last names – were broadcasting their segment of “Today” in Charleston, S.C. yesterday morning. I reluctantly flipped on the TV and was appalled to see the NBC  “Southern Belles” dressed in green velvet and gold-corded bonnets and gowns a la Scarlett O’Hara. Southern ding dongs is more like it. For the short while I watched (mercifully, the phone rang), the two made a mockery of Southern charm, food, and culture with comments such as “Chahlston’s a fahn city,” and “Sweet tea? Ah lahk it!”

Judge for yourself who’s more respectful of Southern culture, the Carolina Yankee or the tipsy twosome from New York City. Next week,  a bona fide Southern belle will offer some insight on life in the South. Some of what she has to say might surprise you.

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