Columbia, gem of the South

famously_hot_logoKiplinger named Columbia, S.C. a great place to live in its 2013 list of Ten Great Places to Live. It’s nice to be no. 5 on a list instead at the top or at the bottom, which South Carolina usually is. As a female, I’m not proud that my state is the second worst for women killed by men. The Palmetto State is also listed as no. 5 of the ten worst places to make a living. The domestic violencestate ranks 45 in overall health. It’s no secret that poverty, addiction,lack of education, high unemployment and low wages are behind these and equally unacceptable rankings.

However, Columbia can be a great place to live. Just about anywhere can be a great place to live, depending on what you’re looking for in life. Kabul, Afghanistan, the Arctic Circle and Detroit, Mich. are among the few exceptions.

So, in an attempt to give a fair and accurate picture of how great it is to live here in Columbia, below are lists of some of the thing I like and don’t like (in no particular order) about life in the armpit of Dixie.

Good Things About Columbia

Bad Things About Columbia

  • The humidity
  • The Columbia Police Department, and not just because of the current scandals
  • The part-time mayor. Come on, this is the capital city of a large state!
  • The lack of address numbers on commercial buildings and homes. How does the fire department figure out where the fire is?
  • The humidity
  • Cars with “tags applied for” signs taped on the rear tags applied for
  • Litter, which is so bad here that I made a film about it that can be seen below
  • The humidity
  • The Confederate flag flying in front of the State House
  • I live here

2 thoughts on “Columbia, gem of the South

  1. Love the video! And I know what you mean about the humidity. After 50 years in Florida, I have grown to detest Florida in the summertime.

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