The holiday before the holiday

Today is World UFO Day and South Carolina is ready! Nobody should be too surprised to learn that Bowman, S.C. boasts the UFO Welcome Center., a popular attraction for tourists and UFO geeks alike.  Sadly, SONY DSCI’m heading to Maryland later today, so unless an alien ship arrives before noon, I’ll miss all the excitement and have to see it later on CNN. The UFO Welcome Center isn’t Bowman’s only claim to fame; it’s also the dairy capital of the state. I wonder if extraterrestrials like milk.

I’ll be up North for the 4th of July and, weather permitting, I’ll be attending the best fireworks display east of the Mississippi. July 4 in the South means the sound of firecrackers popping all through the night, disrupting the sleep of many. I plan on July4th-credit-WETA_3taking photos and video of what I promise is, again weather permitting, an absolutely amazing tribute to our country’s independence and one man’s obsession with pyrotechnics.

In the meantime, if you’re in South Carolina for the holiday, you might want to visit the UFO Welcome Center. There is a $3.00 charge for admission. Fireworks displays around the state are free.


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