Carolina at its quirkiest

confederate-memorial-day-2Well, it’s Memorial Day, and my 17-year-old son is in school today. Yes, many children across the South are in school on this day when we honor our nation’s fallen soldiers. The South commemorates them on their own schedule. I suppose there are benefits to this, as seen in the email parents received from the school principal yesterday:

“Kershaw County just like many districts in SC has Memorial Day as a regular school day this year.  This is not the first time that Kershaw County has had Memorial Day as a regular school day.  The decision to have Memorial Day as a regular school day is in no way meant to lessen its importance.  In fact, with students in school that day, they actually have an opportunity to study its significance and take part in Memorial Day observance that 3:00 p.m. tomorrow, as the law suggests.”

I’m referring to the poor punctuation and grammar in this message written by a professional educator. I’m hoping the English teachers at the school saw the email and will review some of the basic rules of proper English with their students today in effort to avoid having them look foolish in their written correspondences later in life.  Also, the the school releases students at 3:15, so I suppose the planned observance will be short and sweet. Maybe I’ll just send the principal the link to this blog post.

Moving right along…

I had a busy weekend with my Yankee gal pals and we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves during their time here. You may recall that I predicted that at least one person would purchase an item with a palmetto tree or pineapple on it.  I was right, and it IMG375was me! I actually bought two! This handcrafted serving platter has a bowl to match. To be fair, they’re gifts for someone who shall remain nameless. That person may read this post and I don’t want to spoil the surprise. IMG349Darlene purchased two sweetgrass baskets, and Phyllis couldn’t resist sampling shrimp n’ grits. She loved ‘em! We even spotted some whirligigs, though IMG329they paled in comparison to those I mentioned in an earlier post.

We met a bona fide mermaid in the Charleston City Market who was hawking her latest book in the Lost Mermaid series. I had no idea there were mermaids in Shem Creek . I don’tknow why this one was wearing a mask. I didn’t ask because I thought it would be rude. IMG_7207

Of course, I took the girls (since we’ve known each since we were girls, that’s how we still refer to ourselves) to see the State House where the Confederate flag hung limp on its pole in all its embarrassing glory.

I saved the best site for last. After a lovely dinner at the Hampton Street Vineyard, I drove up North Main Street to show them my favorite gas station in Columbia. The girls were 100_0579enthralled and made me drive around it several times so they could snap pictures from various angles. I’ll bet you didn’t know South Carolina has the lowest gas prices in the country.

I can’t share much more of our visit, since that would be a breach of confidentiality. And embarrassing.

South Carolina is such an interesting place. I know you have quirky sites in your town that you could share with us. Please do!


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