Yankee belles on the loose in Carolina

The Carolina Yankee has been busy cleaning, tidying and shopping all week. Three of her Yankee besties will be arriving this evening for a three-day visit. Darlene, Michelle, Phyllis and I went to high school together. Therese, another classmate who also lives in South Carolina, will join us on Sunday. Not only are these some of the sweetest, funniest and brightest ladies I know, they’re readers of the blog. Why is that interesting? Besides Columbia, they’ll also get to visit Charleston on Saturday. I’m sure they’ll recognize and weigh in on many of things I’ve blogged about and point out things of interest to blog about later. Darlene already has plans to buy a handmade sweetgrass basket to take home with her. I’m willing to bet somebody will purchase something with a palmetto tree or Basketspineapple on it. If you have a recommendation of a must-see or must-do while they’re in Columbia or Charleston, please let me know in the comments section below.

Stay tuned for pictures, possible video and definitely some anecdotes about their take on the Midlands and Lowcountry of South Carolina.

Another thing to look forward to: Today I took a tour of three historic homes here in Columbia. Two of them I had never heard of, and it turns out they or their significance aren’t even mentioned in the our public school history curriculum. How do I know this? With me on the tour were two college students from two different Columbia school districts and another from the Charleston area. I was appalled and I hope you will be too after learning what I learned today.

water_tower002aI want to give a shout out to alumni of Southern Senior High in Harwood, Maryland. Go Bulldogs!


4 thoughts on “Yankee belles on the loose in Carolina

  1. I was amazed when I clicked on your link to Southern Senior High to see that it’s become a National Blue Ribbon School of Excellence. Remember when it used to have “Redneck USA” scrawled on the side of the building? 🙂

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