Today we honor the great divide

It’s Confederate Memorial Day! More Bars and Stars flags than usual will fly proudly in confederate-memorial-day-2North and South Carolina today. The other Southern states honor the fallen on different dates. Many South Carolinians  will be frustrated by the lack of services available today:

• State government offices will be closed Friday.

• Lexington County offices will be closed Friday.

• Springdale town offices will be closed Friday.

The S.C. Department of Motor Vehicles will be closed Friday.

• Richland County Recreation Commission offices, recreation and community centers will be closed Friday. LinRick golf course will be open Friday. [Because golf is sacred in South Carolina]

• Lexington County Public Library System, including all branch locations, will be closed Friday.

Really. The following excerpt from the PBS series “Death and the Civil War” says it all: “Many southern states recognize Confederate Memorial Day on a different date from the nationwide holiday, reflecting persistent sectional differences among both the living and the dead.

The United States of America. From down here, that sure sounds like an oxymoron to me.


2 thoughts on “Today we honor the great divide

  1. Hi Anna: Well, Confederate Memorial Day is a strange one. I would have thought your regular Memorial Day would have honoured all the fallen of all the wars in which Americans died. I wonder what it memorializes-poor losers? No, that can’t be right. May I ask a clarifying question? What does this have to do with Union Jack flags (the perfectly respectable flag of England)?

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