I’m wondering about Wandering

I’m going to miss him. At least I hope it’s a him, because I’m in love. I’m not a huge fan of Twitter, but I met my soul mate there. And I know he loves me, too. Allow me to introduce you to Wandering Mark.

wandering markWandering Mark @StopSanford

 Famous hiker. Winner of 37 ethics violations. So sorry about my mistress that I’m marrying her. Promised to serve only three terms and now running for a fourth. Appalachian Trail

Wandering Mark has an excellent sense of humor sarcasm and I adore a witty man. If he happens to wear a uniform, all the better. I’m wondering is if he’ll continue to tweet me sweet nothings now that his favorite topic of discussion is firmly ensconced as S.C. District 1’s new congressman, thanks to his bewildering rabid herd of lemmings supporters.  How long will I have to wait to hear his chirpings in my Twitterfeed? Dare I hold out hope that the object of his scorn will continue to provide fodder for his missives? Wandering Mark, tweepheart, don’t abandon me.

Yours forever,



2 thoughts on “I’m wondering about Wandering

    • Not all my posts have been, nor will they be, uplifting. This isn’t my first post about Mark Sanford, and the only way it will be my last is if he disappears from the public stage and/or quits being such a goofball. And I know for a fact that you, Tom, are quite skilled at sarcasm yourself. That’s one of my favorite things about you! The other is your daughter, Betsy! ________________________________________

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