It’s show and tell time

The “Carolina Yankee” began as an academic experiment. I’m no scientist, but I think it’s been a success. This blog has been the focal point of a course I silhouettedesigned, the details of which are not important to anyone but my instructor and me. I’m delighted to say I far exceeded my general goals in the weeks I’ve been blogging. Thank you not only for subscribing, but helping me maintain and possibly even improve my 3.9 GPA (Bragging point: Not one of my four kids can top that.)

I’m having a ball sharing my thoughts on Southern culture, politics, food, etc. with you, and I hope to continue blogging as the Carolina Yankee for as long as I can keep you engaged. It helps to have you follow me on Facebook and Twitter where I post more frequently and which I find to be more chatter-friendly. I always try to respond to your comments, posts, and tweets. I plan to expand this site to include pages for recipes, places of interest, photos submitted by readers and things I find that I think you will enjoy.

As a reward (or punishment, depending on your perspective) to the faithful thus far, I’ve decided to share the short film I made to promote the “Carolina Yankee” and showcase my writing, film and social media skills. You can learn more about me personally and professionally at RandomAnnAcdotes. That’s a geographically and culturally neutral website (undergoing  reconstruction, so please excuse the mess).

A few people have offered to guest blog here in the future, which I’m looking forward to.  The invitation for guest blogging opportunities is open to anyone. Don’t think you have to be a great writer – just an idea or good story that fits in with the general theme. Please contact me for details.

Again, thanks for the fun semester and the role you played in my success. Y’all enjoy the film!Signature


4 thoughts on “It’s show and tell time

  1. Hi Anna: You’ve made a good start. One thing I’ve found interesting is how often people who blog about regional or national characteristics, traits, habits or idiosyncrasies-don’t google them first. What jumped out of your video for me was the peanuts in coke thing. I grew up knowing about it and trying it (we also did aspirins), but that was 55 years ago in Canada. And no-one I knew had ever been south. Stuff like that!

    • Hi, Sharon, and thanks for chiming in. It never occurred to me to Google peanuts in Coke because I’d only heard about it in a Southern context – even when I was living in the North. I assumed it was because peanuts are such a Southern favorite. It’s good to know Canadians are “nutty,” too! And as ridiculous as peanuts in Coke sounds to me, adding aspirin sounds dangerous! What was the purpose of that? Thanks for keeping me on my toes! ________________________________________

      • Thanks for the reply Anna.
        I think the peanuts in coke thing is to get a sweet and salty vibe, and the aspirins in coke were for acidic and sweet, plus more fizz, plus hangover remedy, plus youthful exuberance and cast-iron stomachs!

      • Cast-iron stomachs to be sure! And for a sweet and salty treat, I munch on a PayDay candy bar. I’m also a huge fan of chocolate bars with sea salt. I remember years ago watching a friend of mine pour a packet of sugar in her toddler’s glass of Coke to make it less fizzy. I was appalled that she was letting him drink soda at all, let alone putting more sugar in it. People are crazy! I’m sure I’ll come up with more food eccentricities for us to chortle about in the future. Stay tuned!

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