Name that turn

Unlike many people I know, I’ve always found the grid in the Washington metropolitan area area to be logical and easy to navigate. Washington’s many “circles,” diagonally-running avenues and streets named for presidents, states and letters of the alphabet all make sense to me. The Beltwaycity was laid out logically and aesthetically by Pierre L’Enfant, George Washington’s city planner.  However, the never-ending repair work and 24/7 traffic tie ups on the Capital Beltway are annoying

.From the moment I arrived in Columbia, S.C., I found both the city streets and surrounding highways to be much more driver friendly than those in the Northeast corridor of the country. However, what you’re about to see in the video is something so curious that I finally felt I had to document it. I don’t think it’s a particularly Southern peculiarity, but maybe unique to Columbia. The video was filmed along roads I travel every day within a 10-mile radius of my home.

Are there strange or illogical traffic or street patterns where you live? What’s driving around your town like? I’d love to hear about it.


6 thoughts on “Name that turn

  1. Where I live in SC, we have 3 main roads: Highway 52, Highway 52, and Highway 17-A! Granted, one of the Hwy 52s is a bypass, but lord! It gets confusing trying to give directions to people!

  2. Confusing here are streets with two names: Rt. 50 and Cheney Highway; US #1 and Washington Ave; Garden Street and 406… and my GPS does not help.

  3. I never ever would have noticed that if you didn’t point it out! What video editing program do you use? I like your videos and am trying to learn a simple but effective one.

    • Glad to have enlightened you! I use FinalCut on a Mac, but learned it in a class. I’m currently taking a post production class to improve my editing skills – still have a long way to go! I’m not a good videographer, but have managed to get the basics down pat. Thanks for watching and letting me know you like them! It’s fun to make them!

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