A Hearty Challenge

Anyone who’s spent more than hour with me knows I’m direct and not shy about saying what’s on my mind. I’ve made a note to write a future post on how Southerners respond to that character trait, but for now I’m going to embark on an exercise in blatant self-promotion.

I created this blog as project for an independent study I designed for credit toward my degree.  Evaluation will be based in part on how many readers I can attract during the course of the semester. That’s not to say I will cease blogging in the spring (or that I won’t). What it does mean is that I need your help.

I’m looking to get 100 “likes” on Facebook and 75 blog followers by February 14. As of this posting, there are 39 likes and 62 followers, so the goal is attainable. As incentive, if I hit those numbers, one person from each category will receive a Valentine’s Day sercy. If you live in the area, I’ll deliver it personally. And, to sweeten the pot, I’ll be happy to highlight you on the Carolina Yankee Facebook page or the blog, but only if you so desire.

pralines Ref Velvet moonpie Original_NILLA_Banana_Pudding

I hope you’ll encourage your friends, family, colleagues and even your pets (I know many of them have their own Facebook pages) to click “like” and enter their email addresses to receive posts directly to their mailbox. The Carolina Yankee never shares your email address with third parties or solicits anything but goodwill and laughter.

I appreciate all of those who are following already. After all, what’s a writer without readers?


Genteel comments and questions welcome!

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