Breakfast in Dixie – Part II

A Yankee offered a pretty good take on grits vs. Cream of Wheat in the last post. Today we’ll hear from two bona fide Southern belles on the topic:

And so it goes. I prefer Cream of Wheat, if only because it’s more nutritious. But grits aIMG086re tasty, too, no matter what you put in them. I’m sure there’s more to say on the subject, so feel free to post your comments. I’ll be sharing my thoughts on other puzzling Southern food obsessions in the weeks ahead. But we’ll move in another direction next time, so stay tuned.

I want to take a moment to thank those of you who are following the blog and posting comments here and on Facebook. I read every one of them and enjoy hearing from you. I encourage you to invite your friends, colleagues and family members to follow along, too. You can also contact me privately if you want to suggest a topic for discussion, complain or simply ask a question.

I’ll finish by saying how wonderful the South is this time of year. My daffodils are getting ready to bloom!



2 thoughts on “Breakfast in Dixie – Part II

  1. Even though I grew up in MD, parts of which many people would say are very much like the south, most of my ancestors came from the south (Arkansas, Texas, and Louisiana). We often had grits for breakfast, usually on the weekends when my mom would fix a big breakfast of eggs (fried, sunny side up, cooked by splashing the bacon grease over the tops of the yolks), bacon, biscuits, and grits. The salt was put in the cooking water for the grits and they were eaten with butter and pepper and the runny yolk of the egg–still my favorite way to have them. I never had grits any other way until I moved to NC and was introduced to shrimp and grits for lunch or dinner (or breakfast or brunch for that matter). Seems every NC restaurant has to have their version of shrimp and grits.

  2. Oh, and I love Cream of Wheat and oatmeal, too–both with butter and brown sugar! It is curious how these hot breakfast cereals are usually eaten sweet, but grits are not. When I was a kid, we used to put butter and white sugar on our rice with dinner!

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