Perfect Timing

Isn’t it interesting that as soon as Carolina Yankee goes live, the usual winter weather panic sets in here in the Carolinas? We’re expecting freezing rain this afternoon here in the Midlands of South Carolina, and maybe a little snow north of here. If it weren’t so dangerous, I’d head out to film Southern drivers navigating the highways and byways for your viewing entertainment. I won’t be surprised if schools let out early today for weather conditions Northerners face any given day November through March. Drive safe, y’all!


2 thoughts on “Perfect Timing

  1. Yes, my parents are heading up north–North Carolina, that is–to visit my sister, and we are all anxious about the weather. They would have left earlier, but Momma has to get her hair done first. Of course! In the South, we have our priorities straight.

  2. A dusting of snow/sleet has fallen in Raleigh, NC and already the traffic on the beltline is all messed up even though they salted the roads yesterday. Schools let out at 10:30. Just heard from a friend in DC that she is getting off work at 3:00 because they are expecting up to 1 inch of snow by rush hour.

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