Carolina Culture

I’ll be the first to admit I often struggle accepting, understanding and adapting to much of Southern culture. I’ve been living in South Carolina for more than 20 years and still find myself bemused, confused and even charmed by some of the customs and much of what many people say and do down here.  I’ve lived and traveled in other parts of the country and abroad. I enjoy mixing with the locals and drinking in the culture wherever I go. My circle of family, friends and colleagues is made up of a good mix of people from all over the country, and Magnoliaeven the world. But of all the places I’ve been, the South has a peculiar I-don’t-know-what about it that’s difficult to put into words. But, being a writer, I’m challenging myself to do just that.

So keep reading for my perspective on Southern food, language, customs and anything else that strikes me as curious, funny or interesting. I’m not here to make fun, but have fun while learning what makes this place and its people tick.

I invite you to follow me on Twitter and Facebook and subscribe to the blog by email or RSS. I welcome your suggestions for topics you’d like for me to cover and your comments about anything I post. I only ask that we each be kind, gentle, and mind our manners. After all, when in Dixie,  do as the they do!

As a teaser, I’ll let you know that we’ll be starting this off the way most of Dixie starts the day: with grits! See you at the breakfast table!


5 thoughts on “Carolina Culture

  1. I have to think about fixing ( a word I do not like for preparing food!!!) grits for breakfast!!! There has been time when serving breakfast to my southerner inlaws that I have forgotten the grits and they do ask what happen to the grits?

  2. Reminds me of a funny story….

    When I was in college here at USC and was working at the Hardee’s that used to be at the corner of Blossom and Assembly, we had some folks come in one morning who obviously were not from the south. We had just started selling grits and so my manager was encouraging us to suggest it to our customers. “Ma’am?” I asked. “Would you like a side order of grits with your biscuit?” She and her husband looked at me quizzically. “Grits? What are grits?” I tried to explain, but she didn’t seem satisfied. My manager chimed in, saying how good they were. “You should try them,” he said with a smile. Looking rather dubious, she gave it some thought and finally said, “Well, OK. But just give me one.”

    We very gladly gave her an entire serving….on the house. 🙂

  3. If you’re interested, I just put up a piece on wearing that southern fashion – seersucker – to the Super Bowl party. It’s one way to be more talked about than the game or the commercials. Being a native of Michigan who now lives in North Carolina, I’m looking forward to your writing and insights.

Genteel comments and questions welcome!

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